Integrated Performance Solutions


Why IPS 


The question that drives Integrated Performance Solutions is how to strip down the complexities of life and work to their bare essentials  to enable individuals  and organizations to access and influence the drivers that are predictive of their success .


Individuals and organizations are in a constant state of tension between theory and practice and between yesterday’s answers and today's questions.  The ancient Greek notion of this tension is' Praxis'.  We are all aware that intangible realities are impacting tangible behaviors and results, yet accessing and influencing them for the highest good of all stakeholders remains an inexact science.  


A recent 'Naked Scientist' show had a neuroscientist and a research physician on the panel.  One of the questions from the floor was from a young boy. He asked “what is consciousness?”  The Scientists looked at each other and responded “scientists don’t yet know" and they proceeded to refer to some current research on the subject.


This encounter between the inquiring mind of a child and the intellectual genius of the scientists was intriguing. It was a metaphor that spoke to my own experience of years of leadership and productivity training.  


The biblical story of beginnings says “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."  This story articulates the miracle of our humanity in ways a child can relate to and scientists will explore forever.  It is in the fusion of the tangible ‘dust of the ground' with intangible 'breath of God' that the 'Soul of Man' finds its being.

'Integrated Performance Solutions' is about  the fusion of the tangibles with the intangibles - IQ with EQ, behaviors with values, hard-edge technical competence with 'soft' people skills -  all towards influencing individuals teams and organizations toward discovering the miracle of their unique identity and contribution.