Integrated Performance Solutions


Conflict Resolution

When people engage in activities and dialogue around issues and results that matter, opposing views and high emotion inevitably spawn conflict.  

The higher the stakes the greater the tendency to feel defensive and protective of our positions and the more dysfunctional we become.  

Instead of differences of opinion leading to more inclusive and creative solutions, they degenerate to conflict and alienation between people. 

Unresolved conflict leads to compromised relationships, team performance and business results.

When relationships become stuck, business imperatives are taxed with the high cost of low trust. 

The conflict resolution process facilitates constructive dialogue and creative solutions.


A typical process incorporates the following elements: 

·       Agreed framework and rules for dialogue.

·       The ‘ real issues’ behind the ‘presenting issues’

·       Trust framework

·       Wins defined.

·       Shared guidelines for successful dialogue: Mutual Respect.

·       Shared understanding for successful resolution: Mutual Benefit.

·       Facilitated dialogue  

.    Alternatives explored 

·       Decision making process.